Follow My Health Portal

What is the Evergreen Surgical Follow My Health patient portal?

A patient portal is a web-based pathway that gives existing patients access to a secure, convenient and free way to manage their personal health care information related to a surgery or surgical evaluation at Evergreen Surgical in Eau Claire, WI.

What can it do for you?

You can use any computer (or install the mobile/tablet app) to:
  • View, track and update your medical record
  • View your personal information
  • Review past appointments
  • Send an e-mail requesting a new appointment
  • Request prescription renewals
  • View most of your test results
  • Communicate securely with your doctor's office(s)
  • Pay your bill with a credit card

Is it secure?

Our top priority is patient privacy and the safety of patient information. For that reason, each patient has to sign up in person. All your records and communications with us are stored on and transmitted via HIPAA - secure servers.

How do I register my name and password?

    After the staff verify your identification, they will ask for the email address you want to use for your personal health management. Within several days, you will receive a portal invitation in that email. If you do not get the email, check your junk or spam file.

    In the email invitation will be a link to the Follow My Health portal. Keep the email open until you are completely registered. This link ties and transmits your medical health record to the new portal account.

    If you already have a Follow My Health Account with another physician's office, skip to step 2.

    If you are new to Follow My Health, go to step 1.

    Either way you register, continue the registration process on the Follow My Health screens.

    You will be asked for an Invite Code, which is the last four digits of your social security number OR your birth year.

    This security check is to protect the privacy of your health account.

Step 1: Register as an Evergreen Surgical patient. At the Follow My Health login page, you will see two ways to establish your account:

You may create a username and password or use an existing user name/password (Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Windows Live) by clicking Create an Account and select the appropriate icon. (If you use an existing online sign-on, please know your health information is not shared with these accounts, and they do not have access to them). You are only using the user/password function.

If you do not have one of these or don't want to link them, you can set up a FollowMyHealth login by clicking on this icon:

You may set up your own unique user name and password by clicking Create an Account and then First Time User, and follow the on-screen directions.

Step 2: Link an existing FollowMyHealth account to Evergreen Surgical: choose "add this connection" if you have an existing FMH account with another healthcare organization.


How do I start?

Bookmark the site: Once the registration is complete, you can easily go directly to your health record using any computer or mobile app at any time. We suggest you bookmark: https://evergreensurgical/
Remember, you must get a sign up e-mail from the Evergreen staff and then register. Until those two steps are completed, your medical records will not be available to you.

Can I get accounts for my children or dependent adults?

If your child is an Evergreen patient, you may open a proxy account for your child or children. Once you request to set up a Proxy Account, you will be sent an e-mail with a proxy registration code. The e-mail will contain a special link to register your child.

People who are legal guardians, have healthcare powers of attorney, or are responsible for the health care decisions for a dependent adult, may enroll him/her IF the dependent adult is an Evergreen patient. If you request to set up a FollowMyHealth Account for a dependent adult, you will be e-mailed a proxy registration code and the link to register a dependent adult.

What if I have questions about the portal ?

If you are a new user and have difficulties setting up your account, we can help. Call Evergreen Surgical during normal business hours. 715.832.1044 and ask for portal assistance. If you have any comments or suggestions please contact us at any time.