What is General Surgery

General surgery is actually a very specialized area of medicine. The Evergreen surgeons specialize in the treatment of certain problems of the abdomen, chest, and neck - including cancer, infections, and trauma.

Other common conditions that the Evergreen surgeons care for are:

Vascular Surgery: (the surgical treatment of veins and arteries of the body to correct problems with circulation: diminished or poor blood flow)

This includes treatment of:
  Aneurysms of the aorta
  Cramping of the legs or buttocks (claudication)
  Carotid endarterectomy (surgery to the arteries going to the brain)
  Vein Stripping

Surgical Oncology: (a subsection of general surgery related to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer)

    The Evergreen surgeons treat cancer of the:
  •   Stomach
  •   Colon and Rectum
  •   Lungs
  •   Esophagus
  •   Thyroid
  •   Breast
  •   Skin, including Melanoma
  •   Pancreas
  •   Liver

Thoracic Surgery: (the surgery of the chest, including the lungs, esophagus, and related areas)

This includes treatment of:

Laparoscopic Surgery: (a type of surgery done with special instruments through tiny incisions. The uses for this kind of surgery are expanding every year)

This kind of surgery is commonly used to treat problems with the:

Endocrine Surgery: (includes surgery of various glands)